[기획] Yoon Seok-yeol government’s vision and goals for culture and arts ③… We will make happy people and a dignified Korea through shared cultural prosperity!

[문화뉴스 백현석 편집장] The ‘Government’s Vision’, which is the goal of carrying out Yoon Seok Yeol’s management of state affairs, has been laid out as ‘The Republic of Korea Again, A Nation of People Living Well Together’.

“Korea takes another leap forward” reflects the call of the times. In the midst of the internal and external challenges facing Korea and the dangerous crossroads of the era, it contains the meaning of mobilizing the people to restore national competitiveness and take another leap forward as a developed country.

“A country where people live well together” reflects the needs of the people. Its goal was to solve problems directly related to people’s lives and to achieve a state in which the life of every citizen would improve.

In Session ③ of the Government’s Vision and Aim of Yoon Seok Yeol Government’s Culture and Arts, 6. Happy People through Travel, Republic of Korea Developed through Tourism 7. We would like to investigate the preservation of traditional heritage and enhance its value of cultural heritage as cultural assets in the future. <ملاحظة المحرر>

The Blue House inaugurates the 'KBS Open Concert' poster / Image = Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

The Blue House inaugurates the ‘KBS Open Concert’ poster / Image = Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

People are happy through travel, Korea develops through tourism

The goal is a quick recovery and another leap forward in the tourism market, which has suffered a severe recession since the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, it is trying to secure the future competitiveness of the tourism industry while expanding travel opportunities for people and enhancing regional economic vitality.

To this end, it plans to restore the market and take another leap forward through comprehensive and systematic support such as expanding support for damage to the industry, large-scale travel discount events to restore the tourism market, tourism festivals, fairs and hospitality campaigns for foreign tourists.

Dongdaemun tour has opened

Dongdaemun “Eastern Valley AR Stamp Tour” Opened / Photo = Dongdaemun Fashion Town Special Tourism Zone Association

In addition, the tourism market will be normalized at an early stage through comprehensive and systematic support through the restoration of the internal ecosystem, external marketing using Hallyu, the strengthening of regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, and the promotion of high value-added markets.

In addition, it will improve the tourism environment for the vulnerable group on mobility, support tourism experiences, and expand support for national travel expenditures in response to new travel trends such as parking and traveling with companion animals.

The development of regional tourism such as regional integration and development of regional tourism to enhance the vitality of inland cities, actively develop local tourism resources such as the development of resident / company participatory tourism, gourmet tourism, night tourism, lifestyle tourism, tourism using Hallyu intends to go.

It also plans to focus on enhancing industrial competitiveness by expanding the smart tourism ecosystem, nurturing converging tourism talent in the future, promoting innovative tourism projects, and supporting digital transformation.

Seoul Tourism Corporation,

Seoul Tourism Corporation, “Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperative Organization, Wellness Recruitment”

To revitalize medical travel that gives ‘healing’ and ‘happiness’ to the mind that is tired of Corona 19, it was decided to establish a basis for the medical tourism industry and enact the ‘Medical Tourism Industry Promotion Law (Temporary Name)’.

With this, the tourism industry is expected to reach 180 trillion won in 27 from 108 trillion won in 19, and the number of foreign tourists is expected to reach 30 million in 27 from 17.5 million in 19.

Preserving traditional cultural heritage and enhancing its value as cultural assets in the future

We will also actively work to create a future-oriented foundation for the protection of national heritage that meets changing times, future values ​​and international standards. By conserving and using site-oriented and consumer-oriented cultural heritage, it will enhance the people’s enjoyment of culture and promote balanced regional development.

Chundangji Media interface,

Chundangji Media Facade, “From Honghwa to Chundang” (Image = Courtesy of Cultural Heritage Department)

The cultural heritage name system will be reorganized and classified according to international standards (the legal and regulatory system will be reorganized), and the cultural heritage system that has been preserved for 60 years will be converted into the national heritage system. In addition, by introducing a comprehensive protection system for each area, we plan to strengthen the foundation for the protection of future heritage sites not identified in blind spots.

The Blue House area will be opened to the public through the opening of the Blue House, which has already been achieved since the relocation of the Presidential Office, and the discovery and restoration of the main monuments. In addition, the historical character of Gyeongbokgung Palace will be restored and established as a world-class historical and cultural space.

We plan to resolve public inconvenience by preparing a plan to support residents in regulated areas around cultural property, expand national support for the cost of diagnosis and excavation, and standardize regulations on cultural property (incorporating “surface survey” and “permission” to change the status quo).

The Cultural Heritage Administration celebrates the 625th anniversary of the birth of King Sejong the Great

The Cultural Heritage Administration celebrates the 625th anniversary of the birth of King Sejong the Great

The scope of support for the maintenance and repair of traditional cultural heritage will be expanded step by step, and efforts will be made to lay the foundation for a stable transfer of intangible cultural heritage at risk of being cut off.

Through the digitization of cultural heritage, such as the digital restoration of representative heritage sites such as Hwangnyongsa Temple and Mireuksa Temple, and the digital DB building of designated cultural properties such as Tripitaka Koreana, the foundation for cultural heritage preservation and utilization will be expanded.

With this major shift in the national heritage preservation and utilization policy functions, the people-friendly world heritage values ​​are promoted, the use of cultural heritage to lead the revitalization of the local economy, and lead to the preservation of local cultural heritage is expected to establish a virtuous cycle system.

It is hoped that the government’s goals of the newly launched Yun Seok-yeol administration in the field of culture and arts revised so far will be carried out without any setbacks, so that the government’s goal of “warm companionship, a happy society for everything will be achieved.

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[기획] The vision of the Culture and Arts government and the goals of the Yoon Seok Yeol administration ②… We will make a happy people and a dignified Korea through common cultural prosperity!
[기획] The vision of the culture and arts government and the goals of the Yoon Seok Yeol government… We will create a happy people and a high-quality Korea through shared cultural prosperity.

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